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Online Consent Order -


Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Online Consent Order -


Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Advice you can trust

Nicola Williams Solicitor

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amicable separation?

uncontested divorce?

agreed finances?

looking for straightforward, affordable legal help?

When to choose the online consent order service (clean break)?

Choose this clean break online consent order service if:

  • you have an agreement with your spouse/civil partner about how to deal with your finances after your divorce/dissolution;
  • you have no assets to left to divide (either because you never owned any assets or because you have already divided them);
  • you have agreed to a clean break;
  • you believe your agreement is fair;
  • you are satisfied that you know enough about each other's finances to reach this agreement;
  • you happy to deal with sending everything in to the court and to each other yourself rather than use a solicitor to do it for you; and
  • you are comfortable with the amount of advice you have taken prior to reaching your agreement.

Please note that I provide free written support and information to assist you in your dealing with the court service.

Telephone and email help is also available although there may be an additional charge for telephone consultations.


Clean Break Consent Order - £180

All the documents you need to file your clean break consent order at court are completed for you with this servic.


My fee £180 (Click proceed to order now)

Note the court service charges £50 (which will be paid directly by you to the court service) to deal with your application.


What happens next?

Click proceed and you will be taken to the payment page for this service.

Once you make your payment your details will be forwarded to me automatically by Worldpay

I will email you using the email address you provide via the ordering process.

I will take the rest of the details I need to prepare your order and supporting documents for you.


What happens if you order the wrong service

Don't worry.

If for any reason you have ordered the wrong service and either I cannot offer you a more suitable one or you do not want the alternative service offered, a full refund will be made before I begin any work for you.


How long does it take?

It usually takes just a few days to prepare your documents, from the time I receive all the details from you.

You will receive an initial email from me either on the day you place your order or the next working day.

Once I receive all the information I need from you to be able to produce your documents I will start work on them within a few days and your final documents will usually be completed within 10 working days, often less.

If your situation is urgent you can let me know once we have made contact and I will do my best to prioritise your paperwork.

However, this is not always possible due to other cases in progress.

If you need documents urgently it is important to let me know at the outset so that where I am not able to assist you in time, I can refund any payment and you can seek assistance elsewhere.

In these circumstances I recommend contacting me first by email rather than using the online service.


If the service you want is not listed or you have concerns ordering online:

The online ordering system is limited because often people don't know exactly what they need. It is better then to contact me first so that I can make sure you only pay up front for the service you need and don't have to wait for a refund if you order the wrong thing.

You don't have to use the online ordering system at all to use these or other services.

If you prefer to contact me first by email please use the contact form. It is secure and encrypted.

I can send you my questionnaire, take your details, prepare your paperwork and then invoice you.

Please note however that no paperwork is sent out until it has been paid for (amendments can still be made afterwards in accordance with my terms and conditions).

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