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The court statistics quarterly is out for the last quarter of 2012. Only 8% of financial applications remained contested throughout the case. I wonder how that figure will alter now that there is no more legal aid and more mediation? Read the full report here.

Why is legal advice so expensive?

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I’ve heard many a lawyer say “Even I couldn’t afford to pay me”. Well hang on a minute, if that’s true then we’re doing something wrong here. I have a service to sell and it’s no use at all if no one can afford to buy it – no matter how good I am at […]

It’s starting to look like a bunfight.

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  The problem is that there are too many lawyers and not as many people getting divorced or going to court. There are lots of reasons for this – the economic crisis combined with greater availability of free advice and legal information on the internet and  the increasing popularity of alternative dispute resolution methods such […]

Self representing litigant now litigant in person

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New guidance issued regarding litigants in person. See below taken from   Terminology for Litigants in Person Practice guidance issued by the Master of the Rolls March 2013 In its Report of November 2011 the Civil Justice Council (CJC) recommended that in future individuals who conduct legal proceedings on their own behalf, and have […]

Revenge at any Pryce?

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When I looked at the copious pictures of Vicky Pryce in the media over the last few days I was reminded of the woman with road rage who was so furious she burnt alive still strapped into her car after she crashed and refused assistance to pull her out of the burning wreck……   And […]

Pay As You Go to Fill the Legal Aid Void

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Representing Yourself In Divorce Proceedings or At Court? How we can help with our Pay As You Go services.  PAY AS YOU GO DIVORCE ADVICE is a new approach to legal services. Instead of employing a solicitor to manage all of your case for you – from start to finish- you represent yourself but with […]

Legal Aid Cuts

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    From 1st April 2013 you will begin to notice big changes to the legal aid system. Under the current system anyone on a low income is entitled to 2 hours free legal advice on a range of issues and for divorce this is extended for the petitioner to 3 hours. This used to […]