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Divorce and Separation -

Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Divorce and Separation -

Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Advice you can trust

Nicola Williams Solicitor

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amicable separation?

uncontested divorce?

agreed finances?

looking for straightforward, affordable legal help?

solicitors regulation authorityconsent order cost

What costs are involved with obtaining a consent order?

The cost of a consent order is calculated on a sliding scale according to how complex your finances are.

My fee for a straightforward consent order is usually £180.

Complicated arrangements, involving several properties or property overseas for example, will cost more.

In addition a court fee is paid directly to the court service. It is currently £50.

What's included?

My consent order fee includes:

  • the covering letter to the court;
  • a bespoke consent order drafted by me setting out the terms of your agreement;
  • the application itself; and
  • the D81 statement of information for a consent order.

Want to find out if my service is suitable for your agreement?

You can complete and submit my consent order questionnaire and I will take a look at your replies and come back to you.

If I think the service is suitable I will send you a terms of business and an acceptance form for you to sign and return to me if you would like to go ahead.

There is no charge for me to review your details and assess whether the service is suitable for you.

Consent orders are usually prepared within a few days of receipt of all the necessary details and authorisation to proceed.

If you prefer not to send me full details at this time simply use the form at the foot of this page to contact me for further details of the service.

Clean Break Only Order

If you have already divided your assets and simply need a clean break consent order, you can order that here and pay online.

On receipt of your order I will send you my terms of business and an authorisation form to enable me to prepare your order within the 14 day cancellation period.

If you change your mind before I have begun to draft your order a full refund will be given.

If you change your mind after I have begun work, you will still pay my reasonable fee for the work done.

If I do not think my service is suitable once I receive your details, a full refund will be given.

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Need more than a clean break?

If you need your consent order to set out details such as the sale of your house, payment of money or transfer of pension, you need to contact me to obtain a quote.

Fees start at £180. Download the price guide here.

Please use the form below to send me your contact details and a brief message and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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