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Online Consent Order -  

Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Online Consent Order -  

Advice you can trust | Nicola Williams Solicitor

Advice you can trust

Nicola Williams Solicitor

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amicable separation?

uncontested divorce?

agreed finances?

looking for straightforward, affordable legal help?

Before you order...


Please take a moment to consider the following statements:

  • My spouse/civil partner and I are in complete agreement about obtaining a clean break order.
  • Both of us are willing to sign all the necessary paperwork ie:the application form, order and D81 statement of information for a consent order (download a blank copy here).
  • We have been honest with each other about our finances.
  • We have begun (or are about to begin) divorce or dissolution proceedings.
  • We have already separated out or divided all our assets and belongings.

If one or more of the above isn't true for you, it's better to contact me first to check that this service is suitable for you.

Other consent order services are available if you still have assets to divide but you need to contact me first as some do cost more than the simple clean break.


Ready to order? Please let me have the following details


What you are ordering:


This service includes:

  • The completed application for a clean break consent order on divorce/dissolution.
  • The draft consent order. (Please note an order is "draft" until it has been approved by the judge.)
  • The completed D81 statement of information for a consent order.
  • The covering letter to the court.

The service does not include:

  • advice on the terms of the agreement reached.

The cost of this service

  • My fee is £180.
  • The court fee is £50.

Information I will take with your order.

  • All I need initially are your contact details.

  • You will then be transferred to worldpay to complete your payment to me of £180.

  • I do not take any confidential details of your financial agreement at this stage.

  • I will use the email address you provide to send you further information and a questionnaire for you to complete.

  • I need to know your full name and home address to identify you and allocate you a file on my system

  • I will contact you to send you forms and information initially by email. Please ensure the email address you provide is corectly spelt and in use.

  • I also need a contact telephone number. Your mobile number is usually the most private.


Your rights

  • This service is governed by the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

  • Once I receive your order I will send you my full terms of service with an acceptance form for you to complete and return to me to authorise me to commence work for you.

  • Unless you authorise me to proceed, you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of placing your order.

  • Once I have been authorised to proceed you will pay for any work already done even if you cancel within the 14 day cancellation period.


Order not suitable...


If the the service you have chosen is not suitable, a suitable alternative service will be offered where possible.

If it is not possible to offer an alternative service or the alternative is refused, a refund will be made.

I reserve the right to decide when the service is not suitable, particularly where I consider that your case is too complex for this level of service.

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