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About living together agreements

What are living together agreements?

Moving in together sometimes means pooling deposit money or taking on a new mortgage or even agreeing to be responsible for a debt.

Living together agreements simply spell out:

who owns the shares in any property;

any agreements over bills or mortgage payments;

what should happen if either of you is redundant, seriously ill or even dies;

what should happen if you get married or separate.

A cohabitation or living together agreement will often contain a declaration of trust over your property.

This is particularly useful if you have contributed to the purchase of property in unequal shares. Or, if you have had help to buy from a family member.

Providing there is no conflict of interest between you and no history of domestic violence in your relationship, I will work with you together as a couple.

This means that you will not need to instruct separate solicitors as long as you are both absolutely agreed on the terms of the agreement (and remain so).

How much does a living together agreement cost?

If you are absolutely agreed on the terms, an agreement costs as little as £350 (£175 per person).

That includes the date you begin living together, the sharing of household bills and the shares in which you own one property (a deed of trust).

For a more detailed agreement, perhaps involving a living allowance and/or more than one property, fees would start at £750.

Find out more about this service

I offer a first consultation completely free of charge so that you (and your partner/spouse) can find out more about living together agreements and whether you would benefit from an agreement/deed of trust.

You can also book an options meeting which costs £75 per person.

And you can ask to add it on to the free consultation or rearrange for another day.

An options meeting gives you a little longer to understand what your options are, for an affordable fee.

If you go ahead with any of my services, I will deduct that fee from your final bill.

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Arrange a free consultation

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