Apply for a consent order.

Nicola Williams explains the 6 steps you need to take to apply for a consent order.

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There are no charges for us to check the suitability of our service for you via our online questionnaire.

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We need to take some details from you.

Go to our online questionnaire

Create an account

online consent order questionnaire
Fill in our online consent order questionnaire

Fill in the form.

Step 2 – assessment

Free initial assessment

to make sure our service is suitable.

free initial assessment consent order
free initial assessment before you go ahead

Step 3 – quote 

We will send you a quote and terms of engagement

consent order fees

Sign and return it to go ahead.

Step 4 – optional consultation

Make an appointment for a consultation

Only if you want advice on the terms of your agreement.

Arrange a consultation for a consent order
To arrange a consultation give us a call on 0161 438 0039

Step 5 – drafting and approval

First draft prepared

Consent order process
You can make changes to the consent order until you are happy with it.

And emailed to you for approval.

Step 6 – apply for a consent order

Final check of the paperwork

apply for a consent order
apply for a consent order

Send it to the court.

Criteria to apply for a consent order

You must have an absolute agreement with your spouse/civil partner in order to apply for a consent order on divorce or dissolution of civil partnership.

Court fee

There is currently a court fee of £50 to apply for a consent order.

Our fees

Our fees to prepare a consent order range from £180 for a straightforward clean break order to around £360 for a more detailed standard order.

Complex orders, for example those involving property abroad or business assets, will cost more.

Optional extra services

Telephone consultation

Everyone’s circumstances are different. 

Some clients have been to mediation, for example, and have a very clear understanding of the terms they have agreed.

Others need more help along the way.

If we do not feel our service is suitable for you for whatever reason we will tell you.

We do not want you to waste your money on a service that is not suitable.

But even if we go ahead you may want or need more help than just our explanatory notes. 

If so, you can arrange a telephone consultation either before or after the documents have been drafted.

Just let us know by calling or emailing.

Details of the charges for our consultations can be found here.

Check and send

We provide a checklist of the documents you need to send to the court to apply for a consent order, together with the number of copies of each one.

But we know it’s easy to get mixed up when you aren’t familiar with a process. 

And it’s so frustrating to have everything sent back just because one form wasn’t signed in the right place.

If you prefer, you can send it all back to us to double check and send to the court for you.

Typically the cost of this service is £60.

Contact us for more details

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