What is a property adjustment order?

A property adjustment order alters the ownership of the property. A property adjustment order is a type of court order relating to property on divorce or separation.  Examples of a this type of order are: an order transferring a property from joint names to one name;an order that one person receives more than half of … Read more

What is a fair  consent order?

Unsurprisingly, a fair consent order is all about getting the balance right. There are four key steps to take that may help you achieve this. Gather information. You need to have all the details about the value of your assets and bills, to be able to make important choices and informed decisions. A summary of … Read more

The benefits of a separation agreement

If you’re reading this you will likely be questioning the benefits of a separation agreement. I talked in an earlier post about the legal status of a separation agreement and what it means to live as two separate households. In this article I want to look at the period of separation from a financial point of view … Read more

Can I send in a consent order without the agreement of my husband/wife?

The answer to this is no, I’m afraid not.

A consent order is a legally binding agreement.

It requires the agreement of both parties to the marriage/civil partnership and the approval of the court.

Both you and your husband/wife/civil partner will need to sign all the forms including the Form A, the D81 and the order itself.

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