Need help with a net effect schedule?

net effect schedule

When do I need to send the court a net effect schedule? The divorce centres often ask for a net effect schedule in more complicated financial situations. For example, if you send in a consent order application that includes a lump sum by instalments and/or a complex mesher order. Judges only have a limited amount … Read more

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What is a property adjustment order?

What is a property adjustment order Property adjustment orders are made in divorce or dissolution of civil partnership proceedings. Examples of a this type of order are: an order transferring property from joint names to one name; an order that one person receives more than half of the value or equity on a sale; and … Read more

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What is a fair  consent order?

Unsurprisingly, a fair consent order is all about getting the balance right. There are four key steps to take that may help you achieve this. Gather information. You need to have all the details about the value of your assets and bills, to be able to make important choices and informed decisions. A summary of … Read more