What is a property adjustment order?

A property adjustment order alters the ownership of the property. A property adjustment order is a type of court order relating to property on divorce or separation.  Examples of a this type of order are: an order transferring a property from joint names to one name;an order that one person receives more than half of … Read more

Property adjustment order | stamp duty on divorce | what is it and how do I get one?

  Since the recent budget it is essential to know more about the term property adjustment order and stamp duty when getting a divorce. A property adjustment order is an order made on divorce, judicial separation or civil partnership dissolution in connection with property. It can be an order to transfer property from one person … Read more

What is a fair  consent order?

A fair consent order is all about getting the balance right. There are four key steps to take that may help you achieve this. Gather information. You need to have all the details about the value of your assets and bills, to be able to make important choices and informed decisions. A summary of your … Read more

Application Relating to Land The D81 Statement of Information for a Consent Order

When do you need to tell your mortgage lender you are applying for a financial remedy order (even a consent order)? You must inform your mortgage lender when you are making an application for a financial remedy order and it is an application relating to land. This applies to consent orders and applications that are not by … Read more

Can I send in a consent order without the agreement of my husband/wife?

The answer to this is no, I’m afraid not.

A consent order is a legally binding agreement.

It requires the agreement of both parties to the marriage/civil partnership and the approval of the court.

Both you and your husband/wife/civil partner will need to sign all the forms including the Form A, the D81 and the order itself.

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Can I download a consent order form from the court website?

You can’t download a consent order from the court website. So, you need to draft one (or arrange for a solicitor or barrister to draft one for you). A consent order needs to fit your requirements perfectly. One size doesn’t fit all.

What goes into a consent order?

The court only accepts court orders prepared in an approved format. This is usually best done by a solicitor who specialises in this type of family law.

I use court approved precedents like those produced by Resolution the Solicitors Family Law Association for its members.

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When do I use the form A application for a financial order?

This form can be downloaded from the court service website here. It is used to start an application for a financial order on divorce – whether that is for a consent order or not. It is a long form and not very user-friendly. We supply a completed form with both our clean break consent order … Read more

All I want is a clean break. Can we transfer the house first?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked.

Best practice is to have the order first and I will try to explain why.

Let’s take a typical example:

Mr and Mrs Williams are getting a divorce. They’ve been separated for a while and they’ve agreed that Mr Williams will stay in the family home and buy out his wife. He has been to a financial adviser and applied for a mortgage. The value of the house and the amount he is paying to his wife has been agreed.

All is going to plan and the couple are reasonably amicable. They both want to draw a line under their finances after the transaction has completed and they know that the best way to do this is to have a consent order in which there will be “clean break” clauses.

This type of order means that there can be no further claims for more money or property between each of them in the future, even after either of them dies.

But, in order to obtain the order, not only do Mr and Mrs Williams have to agree to the terms, the District Judge has to agree that the terms are fair to them both as well.

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