The benefits of a separation agreement

If you’re reading this you will likely be questioning the benefits of a separation agreement. I talked in an earlier post about the legal status of a separation agreement and what it means to live as two separate households. In this article I want to look at the period of separation from a financial point of view … Read more

Can I send in a consent order without the agreement of my husband/wife?

The answer to this is no, I’m afraid not.

A consent order is a legally binding agreement.

It requires the agreement of both parties to the marriage/civil partnership and the approval of the court.

Both you and your husband/wife/civil partner will need to sign all the forms including the Form A, the D81 and the order itself.

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Separating but no divorce?

Have you thought about a separation agreement? It isn’t unusual for people to separate for many months or even years before beginning divorce/dissolution proceedings. Some just need time to save up for the court fee which is currently £550. Others prefer to adjust to living alone, sometimes hoping that a reconciliation is still possible. The … Read more

Separation agreements – do they offer “full protection”?

The Telegraph printed an article about a mother suing her solicitor for £15,000,000 for a failed agreement. This may cause alarm to both family lawyers and those who have had separation agreements drafted recently. The article suggests that Mrs Mathiesen went to see solicitors to have an agreement drawn up giving her “full protection”.  Only a consent … Read more