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What is included in our consent order service?

It is one of the most common questions we are asked. What is included in our consent order service?

We understand that most people have a fairly tight budget for legal fees on divorce. We know that you want to know exactly how much your consent order is going to cost you.

That’s why we quote you for all the paperwork you need to file your application at court.

This includes: –

  • The application form (known as a form A); 
  • The D81 (known as a statement of information for a consent order); and
  • The consent order itself.

We also include a little background in section 9 of the D81 and where necessary a schedule of assets or a pension sharing annex.

Our consent orders are bespoke documents; drafted by a human, not a robot.

Are there standard forms for a consent order?


Unlike the D81 Statement of Information, consent orders are bespoke documents.

This means they must be individually drafted according to your unique circumstances.

Consent orders are all based on a precedent devised by senior judges of the family court, but nevertheless you cannot submit a template consent order to the court.

This is the reason that the government website states that you need a solicitor to draft a consent order on divorce for you.

How does the consent order service work?

Firstly you need to  get in touch.

We will assess whether the consent order service is suitable for your needs and whether the agreement you have reached looks balanced.

It needs to look fair to a judge if you want to convert it into a consent order.

If we need any further information before making an assessment we will ask you for it.

Once we have assessed the service to be suitable we will send you a more detailed questionnaire, a quote and a terms of engagement.

If you are happy with the fee and the terms of service you sign and return the acceptance form.

We then prepare your consent order and supporting documents.

There is nothing to pay until you have accepted our terms and we have started work on your behalf.

How much does it cost to draw up a clean break order consent order or a standard consent order?

That depends, to an extent, on how much detail is going into your particular agreement.

To give you an idea of the most common fees we charge:

  • A straightforward, clean break consent order is £180.
  • An standard consent order order with a little more complexity, needing perhaps a property adjustment and lump sum order and a more detailed schedule or description of assets will be around £225. 
  • Pension sharing orders and settlement of property on top of these other orders is likely to start at around £270.
  • More complex arrangements such as those involving detailed spousal maintenance, several properties or property abroad will cost more.

Most people actually have quite straightforward arrangements.

For the overwhelming majority of clients we deal with, the drafting of the consent order and supporting paperwork does not exceed £360.

Clean break only orders are typically £180 plus the court fee of £50.

What other fees can I expect to pay?

Our fee for the paperwork includes all the documents you need to file your application for a consent order at court.

There is also a court fee of £50.

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