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Consent order cost –

A guide to charges and court fees

A consent order is a legally binding agreement between a divorcing couple about how to divide their income and assets.

Crucially, it contains clauses that remove the right to apply to court for more money or property rights in the future.

These clauses are known as a clean break and the agreement has to be approved and signed by a judge to make them effective. This is why it is called a consent order. It is an agreed court order made by consent.

You can read more about consent orders here.

Consent orders vary greatly in content depending on what you have agreed. Some agreements are complicated, whilst others are straightforward.

Prices range from £500 plus VAT depending on what is involved.

Consent order – (example fixed fee £500 plus VAT)

Legal Fees£
Financial documents – pre-draft review and D81
Complete Form A application for a consent order
Draft order
Correspondence with the court and service
Total before VAT500.00
Example consent order cost

*All law firms, banks and other professional businesses that handle your money transactions are required by law to carry out routine AML (anti money laundering) checks.

Conditions for a consent order:

It’s worth remembering that a consent order is an agreement that is approved by the court.

Therefore, you must be agreed on the terms before it can be drafted.

Changes to the substance of the agreed order can be made, however additional charges may apply;

A fixed fee consultation is required alongside this service and charged for separately.

Payment terms (for guidance only – for a personal quote get in touch):

  • Court fee payable in full before submission to the court;
  • Deposit payable in order for work to commence;
  • Balance payable on completion before submission to court.
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