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Deed of trust – great value protection for your home.

A deed of trust is a legally binding, written agreement about property. It can be used many different scenarios, such as –

when a parent or friend has loaned or given you part of your deposit;

you’re moving in together and you each have different amounts of capital invested;

if you are a married couple who want to clarify the income tax payable on jointly owned rental property (alongside form 17);

where you’re splitting up and have agreed to postpone the sale of the family home whilst there are dependent children.

How much does a deed of trust cost?

piggy bank how much does a deed of trust cost

Prices start from £240 including registration of standard form of restriction at the land registry.

There may be a land registry fee of £20 on top.

Included in this service:

Fixed fee deed of trust;

Restriction registered at the land registry (included but optional);

Professionally drafted by a solicitor.

Protected by solicitors’ indemnity insurance.

Additional services

Additional services are available, for example a consultation to explain your rights and responsibilities face to face or in more detail than under the standard service.

All additional services are fixed fee. Arrange a free initial consultation and I will happily provide a quote.

If you already have a conveyancer

Conveyancers deal with the transfer of legal title of property. Often, they are also working on behalf of the mortgage lender.

This relationship can make it difficult for the conveyancer to prepare your deed for you, especially if the other party to the deed is not on the mortgage.

I don’t work for the lender. I work solely for the legal owners and the beneficiaries of the property.

If you need a deed to be ready as a purchase completes, I can either send it to the conveyancer beforehand so that they can register a restriction with the transfer of title, or I can deal directly with the land registry on your behalf.

Declaration of trust after completion

You may choose to make a declaration of trust after completion of your purchase. There is no time limit, but deeds cannot be backdated.

Unmarried couples, cohabitation agreements

I can prepare a declaration of trust as part of my cohabitation agreement service.

Read more about why you might choose a cohabitation agreement with a declaration of trust below.

Contact me to find out which service fits better for you.

Taxation of beneficial interests

A beneficial interest is an entitlement relating to property.

It could be:

a right to a share of the sale proceeds;

the right to live in the property;

entitlement to a share of rental;

or all three.

Sometimes tax is payable when a beneficial interest is created or sold, or whether the owner of the interest dies.

I will let you know if that responsibility arises or is something you will need to consider in the future.

Fixed fees

There are no hourly rates with this service. Fixed fee only charges apply.

To find out more or book an appointment

Just get in touch. There’s absolutely no charge to find out more about this service and get a quote.

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Nicola Williams is a Family Law Solicitor in the AFG Law Family Team at Cheadle Royal Business Park, Brooks Drive, Manchester, Cheadle SK8 3TD