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Divorce consent order cost

The information on this page is for you if you are

getting divorced; or

dissolving a civil partnership; and

you have a financial agreement with your spouse or civil partner.

Nicola Williams Solicitor - divorce consent order cost

When you have to have a consent order

If your agreement includes sharing a pension, it will have to be approved by the court.

Until it has been processed you will not be able to divide the pension.

For any other type of financial agreement, you will need to send it in for approval to make sure neither of you can change your mind down the line.

Alternative to a consent order

An alternative to a consent order is a separation agreement. A separation agreement will record how you have agreed to divide your finances.

The key difference is that a separation agreement cannot prevent either of you changing your mind and asking for more money further down the line.

Free initial consultation

If you aren’t sure whether you need a consent order or a separation agreement (or neither), why not arrange a free consultation.

I can look at your case and tell you the pros and cons of each for you.

I can see you and your spouse/civil partner together, as long as there’s no conflict of interest between you.

What’s included in the consent order fee?

If you decide you need a consent order, this is the work that is included in my consent order service:

A conflict of interest check;

Taking the details of the agreement from you individually or together;

Gathering all the relevant financial data for the court forms;

Ensuring that you fully understand the implications of a divorce consent order;

Preparing your draft consent order and D81 (and if appropriate liaising with our partnered solicitor firm);

Sending all documents out to you to check;

Going over the paperwork with you online via Microsoft Teams or face to face, depending on where you live;

Finalising any amendments;

Preparation of a covering letter to the court and any other explanatory notes;

Submitting the application to the court for approval; and

Sending the approved documents out to you.

Fees – always fixed or capped

I only charge fixed or capped fees. Whether that is for a one off advice meeting, a will or a court application, you need to know where you stand and how much it’s going to cost.

That’s why I offer a free initial consultation, so that I can learn more about what you need and cost it out appropriately for you.

The fee I charge for a consent order, ranges from £500 to £900 for a typical application.

The fee varies depending on the complexity of your agreement and whether I am working on behalf of one or both of you. But once I have met with you and found out more about your circumstances, I will send you a fixed quote.

In addition to my own fee, there is a court fee of £53.

Online services

The work involved in an application for a consent order can be done without coming in to see me.

We can communicate on the phone, via email and face to face over Teams or Zoom.

So, whether you are in Manchester, Machynlleth, London, Margate or anywhere else in England or Wales, I can help you online.

I also offer in person face to face meetings in Manchester, Cheadle Hulme and London subject to availability.

Limits on typical fees.

What is a typical application?

You will be agreed in principal on all financial issues;

Both of you will need to cooperate fully with me and with each other.

There can be no more than 2 properties;

No assets outside of England and Wales; and

The total gross value of all assets must not exceed £2,000,000.

If you have higher value assets or assets outside England or Wales, your case may be more complicated and may cost more.

I will discuss this with you. Just arrange a free initial consultation.

Will there be any other charges?

All preparation work and communication, whether by email, letter, telephone, Teams or face to face that are directly connected to the preparation of and application for a divorce consent order are included in the above fee.

If you ask me to do any other work, for example negotiate a part of the agreement or draw up a will, there will be separate charges. I will discuss this with you before doing any extra work and agree an additional fee with you first.

Terms of payment

First of all, I will ask you to pay a deposit of one half of the quoted fee before I start work for you.

When the paperwork is ready to be sent out to you for approval, I will ask you to pay the balance.

Are you ready to find out more?

Arrange a free consultation about a divorce consent order

Arrange a free consultation about a divorce consent order

Thank you for your interest in my consent order service. If you let me have the information requested below, I will do my best come back to you within 1 working day, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. to arrange a free initial consultation.

Is this a joint enquiry?
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Second party name

Please let me have a little background so that I can a) identify whether I can help you and b) send you information for an alternative services if it seems more appropriate.

Have divorce proceedings in England or Wales started?
Do you have a conditional order/decree nisi or a date when this will be pronounced by the court?
Are both parties in agreement over the terms of the order?
Total value of any real property owned (houses, flats etc)
Please enter the approximate combined value of all property owned
Total value of any other realiseable assets (savings, shares etc – not pensions)
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