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Free consultation about a consent order

Do you need a financial order in an amicable divorce?

If you have an amicable divorce, why not arrange a free consultation and find out what your best options are for recording your financial agreement.

You might be unsure whether you need a court order or a less formal separation agreement, fill in the form below and arrange a to see me. I will help you decide what’s right for you.

I’ll take some details from you and help you decide whether you need an agreed court order – perhaps because there is a pension that you have agreed to divide – or a less formal written agreement.

I’ll explain what a clean break is and why you might want to ask the court for one, even if you don’t have any assets right now.

I will also explain all about court fees and my own fee for lodging any paperwork at court for you.

Further information

You can also find out more about consent orders on the government website.

When am I available?

I offer a free consultation about a consent order every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon.

Consultations last no more than 30 minutes and are held online. I will send you a link to joint the meeting after you have booked.

Arrange a free consultation about a divorce consent order

Arrange a free consultation about a divorce consent order

Thank you for your interest in my consent order service. If you let me have the information requested below, I will do my best come back to you within 1 working day, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. to arrange a free initial consultation.

Is this a joint enquiry?
Second party name
Second party name

Please let me have a little background so that I can a) identify whether I can help you and b) send you information for an alternative services if it seems more appropriate.

Have divorce proceedings in England or Wales started?
Do you have a conditional order/decree nisi or a date when this will be pronounced by the court?
Are both parties in agreement over the terms of the order?
Total value of any real property owned (houses, flats etc)
Please enter the approximate combined value of all property owned
Total value of any other realiseable assets (savings, shares etc – not pensions)
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Do you have pensions?
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