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Deed of trust – flexible written agreement

Circumstances change.

Free consultation for deeds of trust

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If you’re paying anything towards the purchase of a property or are moving in with someone and one of you already owns the property, you might want a deed of trust.

I offer a free consultation for deeds of trust to explain what it is and how useful it can be, particularly in relation to paying the right amount of capital gains tax.

A deed is a reserved legal instrument and only certain categories of services are permitted by law to prepare them.

As a solicitor, I am regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and authorised to prepare deeds of trust.

If you decide to go ahead, the price of a straightforward deed of trust starts at £275 including registration at the land registry.

Contact me about a deed of trust and I will come back to you as soon as I can to arrange your free consultation.

Contact me about a deed of trust

Contact me about a deed of trust

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Property details

Is the property in England or Wales?

It is only possible to create a deed of trust when all of the owners agree to it.

The areas you will need to agree on are:

  1. How much the property is worth;
  2. How much is currently outstanding on any mortgage (if you are in the process of buying the property this will be the amount that is being drawn down on completion day plus any penalties for early repayment etc.);
  3. How much each owner/person involved with the agreement, has paid towards the deposit and other purchase costs – stamp duty, legal fees and so on;
  4. Who is going to live in the property;
  5. Who is initially going to pay the mortgage and the bills (or in what shares);
  6. How long you want the agreement to last.
Do all the owners/people involved with this agreement, agree on the points listed above?
Do you consent to being contacted by email to arrange a free consultation?
solicitors regulation authority authorised to provide free consultation for deeds of trust
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Nicola Williams is a Family Law Solicitor in the AFG Law Family Team at Cheadle Royal Business Park, Brooks Drive, Manchester, Cheadle SK8 3TD