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Options meeting

What is an options meeting?

It’s an opportunity for us to meet either face to face or online for a confidential discussion about your circumstances and the legal issues you may need help with.

Whether you are making a will, separating or lending your child a deposit on a house, I can help with the legal aspects.

I am a solicitor practising family law in Didsbury, Manchester, with particular experience in the financial consequences of

divorce and separation

buying property together if you are unmarried

lending a deposit to a friend or family member.

financial provision for children of unmarried parents

To help you find out more about any legal issues that may affect you in these situations, I offer an options meeting (at a reduced meeting rate).

The options meeting generally lasts 30-45 minutes and costs £75 per person.

Who can come to an options meeting?

separating couples

divorcing couples who are agreed on the way forward

families who want to make a will

families who want to buy property together

couples who want to move in together

individuals who are separating or divorcing and aren’t sure what service they need

Conflict of interest

If you are an amicably separating couple, or a parent trying to register their share of the deposit on a child’s house, there’s little more frustrating than being told you have to go to separate solicitors.

Well it isn’t always the case. The solicitors regulation authority (SRA) issues guidance on when a solicitor can act for more than one client.

If the clients have

a substantially common interest in relation to the matter and

have given informed consent

and if the solicitor has

in place effective safeguards to protect the clients’ confidential information

one solicitor can act for two clients.

The High Court confirmed in the case of JK and MK and E-Negotiation Ltd in December 2019 that this extends to couples going through a divorce.

I will carry out a conflict of interest check prior to our options meeting and if there is any reason I cannot act for you both as a couple or as a family I will let you know.

During the meeting

I will run through some questions depending on your situation and establish what type of assistance you need.

I will where possible give you a clear overview of your options moving forwards.

I will let you know which of my services may be of help to you and why and the likely cost involved and also signpost you to any relevant areas of the gov website where you may be able to find more information and start any applications yourself.

I will also point you in the direction of any other services that may help you, whether that is in accountancy, tax, mortgage advice, or similar.

At the end of that discussion, there is no pressure whatsoever to take up any services.

If you choose to do so within 3 months, the cost of the options meeting will be deducted from your overall final bill.

Personal and professional

I am an independent solicitor with vast experience in family law in Didsbury (and online wherever you are in England and Wales).

I ran my own niche divorce law firm between 2001 and 2019 in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire. I will become part of Taylor Rose MW a Top 75 in the UK Law Firm with 31 offices nationwide in July 2022.

For clients that means I provide all the personal customer service of an independent practice, supported by a progressive, modern national law firm.

Find out more about me here.

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Contact me

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Nicola is happy to announce that she will be joining Taylor Rose MW on 12th July 2022 as a consultant solicitor