Need help with a net effect schedule?

net effect schedule

When do I need to send the court a net effect schedule? The divorce centres often ask for a net effect schedule in more complicated financial situations. For example, if you send in a consent order application that includes a lump sum by instalments and/or a complex mesher order. Judges only have a limited amount … Read more

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Can I download a consent order form from the court website?

You can’t download a consent order from the court website. So, you need to draft one (or arrange for a solicitor or barrister to draft one for you). A consent order needs to fit your requirements perfectly. One size doesn’t fit all.

What goes into a consent order?

The court only accepts court orders prepared in an approved format. This is usually best done by a solicitor who specialises in this type of family law.

I use court approved precedents like those produced by Resolution the Solicitors Family Law Association for its members.

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Online divorce and consent order services

We believe everyone should have the right to access good quality legal services without breaking the bank. Since legal aid disappeared at the beginning of April it has become even more important to make use of technology to reduce the cost of providing straightforward family law services. We can see from the queries bringing people … Read more